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NST Seminar: Coherent X-ray Surface Scattering Imaging with High-resolution and Ptychography

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Jong Woo Kim, Argonne National Laboratory
Martin Holt
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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11:00 a.m.

Lensless coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) has enabled the structure determination of nanomaterials leading to significant scientific discoveries in the field of Materials Science. Coherent surface scattering imaging, which is reflection mode CDI with a grazing incident angle, can image thin nanostructures grown on an opaque substrate, of which the traditional CDI employing transmission or Bragg diffraction geometry is incapable. Since the first demonstration of coherent surface scattering imaging, the efforts have been made to improve spatial resolution with high flux x-ray and to overcome narrow isolated specimen limitations by employing ptychography. I’ll also discuss x-ray radiation pressure effects on nanocrystals during data collection process in Bragg CDI and formation mechanism of five-fold multiply twinned nanoparticle revealed by Bragg CDI.

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