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Minutes/Presentations from various meetings

As of February 2015, the archive for these talks is now located on the Argonne Box Server *Requires log in.

Hybrid setupV. Sajaev at 2/12/15 TOM meeting
ID4 orbit Scan on injection efficiency and lifetimeYipeng Sun at 2/12/15 TOM meeting
Physical Aperture Measurements of ID4 L. Emery at 2/12/15 TOM meeting
SR injection efficiency problem C-Y Yao at 2/12/15 TOM meeting
Study SummaryAPS Start Up 2015-1 K. Harkay at 2/5/15 TOM meeting
Study Summary APS Start Up A. Xiao at 2/5/15 TOM meeting
RF Gun Issues Jan. 2015 Start-Up Yin-E Sun at 2/5/15 TOM meeting
SR Studies Plan L. Emery at 12/4/14 TOM meeting
Injection bump study Yipeng Sun at 11/13/14 TOM meeting
More Local Impedance Measurements L. Emery at the 11/13/14 TOM meeting
ID1 BLM Injection Loss Measurements J. Dooling at 11/13/14 TOM meeting
PAR charge study C-Y Yao at 11/13/14 TOM meeting
Obrit switch A. Xiao at 11/13/14 TOM meeting
Study report A. Xiao at 10/23/14 TOM meeting
Study Summary: Investigation of P0 feedback related Beam Instability C-Y Yao at 10/23/14 TOM meeting
Hybrid Bunch Pattern Lifetime Checkout L. Emery at 10/23/14 TOM meeting
ID1 BLM studies: calibration with beam using IK1 after moving the BLM to the downstream ID J. Dooling at 10/23/14 TOM meeting
ID1 beam loss monitor studies: calibration & beam dumps. Single bunch - 100 mA, 24 singlets J. Dooling at 10/2/14 TOM meeting
SCU0 chamber vertical re-alignment result K. Harkay at 10/2/14 TOM meeting
Study Summary A. Xiao at 10/2/14 TOM meeting
Some Start Up Notes L. Emery at 10/2/14 TOM meeting
Coupled Bunch Instabilities with Landau Cavities L. Emery at 6/24/14 TOM meeting
Investigation of tune change.L. Emery at 6/17/14 TOM meeting
Study summary C-Y Yao at 6/17/14 TOM meeting
SCU0 BLM & IK5 pinger studies K. Harkay at 6/17/14 TOM meeting
RTFB and datapool studies L. Emery w/ Sereno, Arnold and Carwardine at 6/5/14 TOM meeting
Machine Study Report (Orbit Recovery CPU & IEX Check Up A. Xiao at 5/29/14 TOM meeting
Start-up Studies 2014/05V. Sajaev at 5/29/14 TOM meeting
SCU0 BLM studies J. Dooling and K. Harkay at 3/18/14 TOM meeting
SCU0 beam losses during beam dumps with ID28 bump using FO BLM J. Dooling at 1/23/14 TOM meeting
Fast pressure diagnostic for the SR J. Dooling at 1/9/14 Physics meeting
Vertical Beamsize Control and Measurements L. Emery, V. Sajaev & A. Xiao at the 1/24/14 TOM meeting
Machine studies: Runs 2013-3, 2014-1 K. Harkay at the 1/24/14 TOM meeting
H7BA Injection/Extraction Design A. Xiao at 12/12/13 Physics meeting
Study Summary 2013/11/28 and 2013/12/4 by A. Xiao at 12/4/13 meeting
Studies 2013/12/03 Optics correction using TBT continuation V. Sajaev at 12/4/13 meeting
Studies 2013/11/12 Injection optimization program developmentV. Sajaev at 11/20/13 meeting
Studies 2013/11/18 Optics correction using turn-by-turnV. Sajaev at 11/20/13 meeting
Booster septum aperture scan with SR on-axis injection by L. Emery at 11/21/2103 TOM meeting
Booster 132-nm lattice tune-upC-Y Yao at the 11-20-13 meeting
Attempts to make 100% efficiency in On-axis injection Louis Emery at the 11-14-13 meeting
High Coupling Injection by A. Xiao at 11/14/2013 TOM
OAGapps Gnome Menu by H. Shang at 11/14/2013 TOM meeting
Injection into Small Aperture Louis Emery and Yipeng Sun at the 11-5-13 meeting
Accumulation Limit and Injection into Small Aperture Louis Emery, Ryan Lindberg and Yipeng Sun at the 10-30-13 meeting
SR Studies on accumulation limitL. Emery and R. Lindberg at 10-22-13 meeting
Accumulation Limit In Reference Orbit Lattice Louis Emery and Ryan Lindberg at the 10-24-13 meeting
Injection into Small Aperture Louis Emery and Yipeng Sun at the 10-17-13 meeting
Injection into Small Aperture and Accumulation Limit In Reference Orbit Lattice Louis Emery, Yipeng Sun and Ryan Lindberg at the 10-10-13 meeting
Problem with S21C:BM SR studies L. Emery and R. Lindberg at 9-30-13 meeting
Small aperture injection, single bunch limit L. Emery at 10-10-13 meeting
High charge PAR and booster studies CY Yao at 10-10-13 meeting
Coupling correction C-X Wang at 8-13-13 TOM meeting.
SCU0 Quench Studies K. Harkay at 8-8-13 TOM meeting
SCU0 Quench Investigation K. Harkay and L. Emery at 8-1-13 TOM meeting
Accumulation limit measurement on reference orbit Louis Emery and Ryan Lindberg at 7-16-13 TOM meeting
Tutorial on rf gap voltage controllawt Louis Emery at 7-16-13 meeting
DecoherenceC-X Wang at 7-9-13 TOM meeting.
FPGA BPM Waveform Data Collection Speed Test Hairong Shang at 4-11-13 TOM meeting.
Interleaving to Support FEL/Fourth Generation Light Source Jeff Dooling at the 3-21-13 Physics meeting.
Mode-locked hard x-ray pulse trains Ryan Lindberg at the 3-7-13 Physics meeting.
MIA optics measurement and correction of APS ring C-X Wang at the 2-7-13 meeting.
Electromagnetic Simulation of Fermilab's S-band SPX Cavity Yong-Chul Chae at 1-24-13 meeting.
SCU0 Status and Beam Heating K. Harkay at the 2-28-13 TOM meeting.
Application of Z-Transform to Noise Response Modeling of a Bunch-by-Bunch Feedback System C-Y Yao at 2-14-13 meeting
SCU0 Commissioning Plan & Operations Katherine Harkay at the 1-10-13 meeting
IDChamberOptimization Yong-chul Chae at 10-11-2012 TOM meeting
S37Development_MARS_HOM Yong-chul Chae at 4-26-2012 TOM meeting
Dihedral Group and Repetitive Achromats with Mirror Symmetric or Mirror Antisymmetric Basic Cell C-X Wang at AOP physics meeting
Modeling of Booster Chromaticity Time Variation C-Y Yao at the 2/23/12 meeting
Linac Three-Screen Emittance Measurement Analysis Jeff Dooling at the 2/16/12 meeting
Fitting Coherent Damping Rate From pinging-method Data C-Y Yao
APS Storage Ring Phase Noise Studies Using P5 FPGA BPMs, an S-Band Phase Detector and elegant Simulation Nick Sereno
Studies Summary, Run 2011-2 Monitoring Beam Dumps Jeff Dooling at the 9-15-11 meeting
Run 2011-2 studies summary Katherine Harkay at the 9-8-11 meeting
Run 2011-2 studies summary Vadim Sajaev at the 9-1-11 meeting
Low workfunction photocathodes Zsolt Terdik 9-2-2011
Run 2011-1 Injector Studies Summary Run Nick Sereno at the 9-1-11 meeting
Machine Study on Slow Beam Dump Yong-Chul Chae at the 9-1-11 meeting
Multibunch vs. single bunch instability thresholds Katherine Harkay at the 7-7-11 meeting
Model Independent Analysis Study at APS Daheng Ji at the 6-9-11 meeting
Design Studies on Ultra-Low-Emittance Injector for X-ray FEL Oscillator Xiaowei Dong at the 6-6-11 meeting.
Injection studies Vadim Sajaev at the 1-13-11 meating
HOMs and component heating with high current in the storage ring Katherine Harkay at the 12-2-10 meeting
Dynamic aperture increase by symmetry breaking Vadim Sajaev at the 4-8-10 meeting.
Photocathode R&D at Argonne Katherine Harkay at the 2-25-10 meeting
Extra slides for Photocathode R&D Katherine Harkay at the 2-25-10 meeting
Feasibility Study of Very Low Emittance Storage Rings at SPring-8 Lee Teng at the 2-4-10 meeting
Gas bremsstrahlung radiation modeling with MARS Jeff Dooling at the 2-4-10 meeting
Pulsed multipole injection V. Sajaev at the 09-10-09 meeting
Minimum emittance in storage rings with uniform or nonuniform dipoles C-X Wang at the 09-03-09 meeting
S. Pasky reporting on "Power Saving Schemes in the NSRRC3" (PAC09 report)
L. Emery reporting on "Multiobjective Light Source Lattice Optimization," L. Yang, D. Robin, F. Sannibale, C. Steier, W. Wan (PAC09 report)
C-Y Yao reporting on "Stored Beam Stability During Pulsed Sextupole Injection at the Photon Factory SR" H. Takaki, N. Nakamura, Y. Kobayashi, K. Harada, T. Miyajima, A. Ueda, S. Nagahashi, M. Shimada, T. Honda, T. Obina (PAC09 report)
Fiber Optic Beam Loss Position Monitor -a work in progress   Jeff Dooling's talk at the 4-2-09 meeting
VIIth Fast Timing Workshop The Development of Large-Area picosecond Photo-Devices    Marion White's talk at the 3-26-09 meeting
Highlights from A0 photoinjector workshop   Katherine Harkay's talk at the 3-11-09 meeting
Integrated Solution for XFEL-O Linac and Recirculation System    Michael Borland's talk at the 2-19-09 meeting
Corrections of Perturbations of Circularly Polarizing Undulator    Louis Emery's talk at the 2-12-09 meeting
X-ray FEL Performance with the 7-GeV Superconducting RF Linac    Yong-Chul Chae's talk at the 12-04-08 meeting

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