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Support for the Apple iPad

Apple iPads are supported at the APS.

Apple iPads are available through the Holman's storefront on AMOS. You'll find them listed under Apple Laptops. You may also want to purchase the Apple iPad case and video adapter.

Once your iPad arrives, you should go ahead and key it to your copy of iTunes (if you do not have iTunes installed, please submit a Help Desk ticket). However, if you want to use it to connect to the APS wireless network, you will have to submit a Help Desk ticket with the APS IT Mac group to have a configuration profile installed. This profile performs some basic configuration for use with Argonne resources and enables a proper security passcode.

You will need an iTunes Store account to install applications. Please note that the laboratory will NOT reimburse any applications you purchase.

Instructions on how to configure your iPad to access Argonne's Office365 email, calendars, and contacts is available here, however you will have to agree to accept the lab's security policy which requires a screen lock passcode on your mobile device.

If you want to run EPICS applications from an iPad, instructions are available.

The Argonne Security Banner for iPads is available here.

To install it from the iPad:

  1. Click on the above link, then save the picture by holding your finger on the image.
  2. Open the Photos app
  3. Locate and open the saved image
  4. Click the export icon (box with a curved arrow) and select 'Use as Wallpaper'
  5. Then click 'Set lock Screen'