Advanced Photon Source

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How to Order Adobe Software via AMOS

To facilitate APS MAC and Windows users access to Adobe software, licenses may now be purchased through AMOS.:

  • Acrobat
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Briefly, this involves:

  1. Order software through AMOS
  2. Open a ticket at Argonne Help Desk to have the software installed, once the AMOS order has been approved.
  3. APS IT installs the software and closes the ticket.

Due to the terms of the Argonne Adobe licensing agreement, this software may only be installed on Argonne-owned computers.

Note: Adobe Creative Design suite and Flash Pro products are available under the Adobe/Lab agreement, however they are not orderable through AMOS. If you need Design/Flash software, please open a ticket at Argonne Help Desk.

For assistance with ordering Adobe software via AMOS, please submit a ticket at  Argonne Help Desk