Day 1
Training - EPICS
EPICS Overview Bob Dalesio BNL
EPICS Database Bob Dalesio BNL
Writing a Channel Access Client in EPICS Bob Dalesio BNL
State Notation Language and the Sequencer Ralph Lange BNL
Day 2
Training - Eclipse and Control System Studio
Developing for Eclipse/CSS Kay Kasemir ORNL
Alarm Training Matthias Clausen DESY
CSS-DCT (SNL) Training Matthias Clausen DESY
Day 3
ITER Welcome EPICS Wolf-Dieter Klotz ITER
ITER CODAC Anders Wallander ITER
ITER Core System Franck Di Maio ITER
NSTX Computing & Controls Paul Sichta PPPL
ITER Fast Controllers Prototype Feng Wang ASIPP
Development status of KSTAR Widget Toolkit (KWT) Sulhee Baek KSTAR
New Tools
Controls tools for operation management at the Swiss Light Source Andreas Luedeke PSI
ChannelFinder Directory Service Ralph Lange BNL
CaPython interface Xiaoqiang Wang PSI
EPICS/MDSplus Interface Methods Paul Sichta PPPL
EPICS/MDSplus at RFX Gabriele Manduchi RFX
Java JCA-E Library Simon Ebner PSI
Status Reports
NSLS II Project Update Leo Dalesio BNL
Spiral2 control system Eric Lecorche GANIL
EPICS at the LCLS Ron Chestnut SLAC
VDCT update Rok Sabjan Cosylab
pvData,pvAccess,javaIOC,pvService Status Marty Kraimer Independent
DDS Integration Nikolay Malitsky BNL
Day 4
Control System Studio
CSS Introduction Matthias Clausen DESY
CSS Core Applications DESY Matthias Clausen DESY
Update on CSS at SNS Kay Kasemir ORNL
CSS at ITER Nadine Utzel ITER
CSS Developments at BNL / NSLS-II Gabriele Carcassi BNL
CSS Configuration Tools Matthias Clausen DESY
CSS on Source Forge Kay Kasemir ORNL
CSS build and update system Kunal Shroff BNL
CSS Integration at APS beam lines John Hammonds ANL
Core V3
EPICS Core, Progress on EPICS Base Andrew Johnson APS
Finite State Machine Record Michael Davidsaver BNL
CA Server Subscription Filtering - NextGen CA server Jeff Hill LANL
V3 + Tools
The ITER Distribution -Development Environment Matjaz Kobal Cosylab
Update on module testing at Diamond Mark Heron Diamond
asynPortDriver - A New C++ Class for Writing EPICS Drivers Mark Rivers UCAR
Archiver Hypertable engined Loris Giovannini INFN
Day 5
Spiral2 Injector Diagnostics Acquisitions based on a new hardware F. Gougnaud SACLAY
Installing Ethernet based instruments in a medical facility Dave Reid Uwashington
areaDetector: New Developments Mark Rivers UCAR
4K Spectra or 4M ROIs Per Second Mark Rivers UCAR
New EVR driver/device/record support Michael Davidsaver BNL
Diffcalc software for diffractometer control Rob Walton Diamond
Highlights & closure Franck Di Maio ITER