Advanced Photon Source

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Beamline Equipment Protection System (BLEPS)


The 4ID Beamline Equipment Protection (BLEPS) is designed to prevent damage to beamline components due to insuficient cooling or loss of vacuum. The system monitors the water flow, temperature, and vacuum level of all beamline components and makes sure that they are within a programed range. When an out of range value is detected the beamline shutter is closed to that portion of the beamline affected and and the permit to open the shutter is not granted until the fault is "cleared" in the BLEPS system. A fault ican be cleared ( if the value is back within it's range) by pressing the reset button on the EPS interface panels or through the remote interface on the workstations (see below). Many times this is all that is required since most BLEPS trips are due to the values temporary fluctuating out of set range, such as a vacuum burst.

The location of the EPS interface panels are shown in the diagram below.

The location of the EPS interface panels

Reseting an BLEPS Faults

An eps faults can be reset either from the beamline workstations (prefered method) or fromt the BLEPS interface panels (location of which is shown in the figure above. For a detailed description of each method click on links below