The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Building 382/378 HVAC and Exterior Repairs

  • Project Manager: Rebecca Yassan
  • Engineer: Randy Mirabelli
  • Funding: FY19 Major Repair Program

Building 382 façade is rundown and not in great condition or thermal friendly.  All the personnel doors are old, not providing an acceptable seal from outside elements including animals, allows excessive loss of energy, and are not fully functional.  A secure and energy efficient connection is needed between Buildings 382 and 378 to manage energy loss and provide a controlled access for equipment and materials movement between buildings.  Interior insulation surfaces need repairs to improve building energy use.

The Building 382 Addition (SE section) does not have cooling.  The original building section has cooling provided by site chilled water and air handlers.  Cooling is requested for the rest of the building.

  • FY19
    • Replace exterior doors
    • Develop Scope of Work + Project Implementation Plan
    • Hire A/E Firm to develop Design Engineering bid documents
  • FY20
    • Construction