Advanced Photon Source

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Group Members

Group Members
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Diane Kurtz
Group Secretary
(630) 252-6374
Joint appointments Name & Affiliation Contact
Tekin Bicer
Joint with MCS division
(630) 252-3910
Zichao (Wendy) Di
Joint with MCS division
(630) 252-0061
Hemant Sharma
Joint with MPE group
(630) 252-0120
Tsezar F. Seman
Research Associate (NIU) 
(630) 252-1835
Other information on CXS group members
  Research Interests Home page Publications
Doga Gürsoy Imaging and inverse problems in x-ray sciences    
Tsezar F. Seman Non-equilibrium dynamics, large-scale exact diagonalization of quantum spin models (link)  
Brian Toby Structural characterization with crystallography and PDF (link) ResearcherId
Michel van Veenendaal   (link)