The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Laser Safety Committee


The Laser Safety Committee advises PSC Management on laser safety matters, participates in project reviews as requested, recommends laser safety policy, reviews accident investigation conclusions, and evaluates plans to protect personnel where laser activities are expected to take place.

  • Act as an advisory group on laser safety matters at the APS and recommend safety measures for eliminating or reducing potential laser hazards.
  • Develop, review and update facility-specific policies that implement the ANL Laser Safety program.
  • Participate on request or invitation in safety reviews of a new laser facility or technical design of laser systems or where changes are made to past laser designs.
  • Review training requirements established for APS staff, support organizations, users, and visitors.
  • Review laser installation, operation and maintenance procedures when requested.
  • Review of APS Laser Control Areas as requested by LCAS or APS management.
Role Name
WSH-ASD - Chair E. Chang
XSD-SPC D. Brewe
WSH-LSO, ex-officio B. Broocks
WSH-Deputy LSO J. Overby
XSD-SRS X. Zhang
Reports to

PSC DALD Operations.

Meeting Frequency

The Committee shall meet as determined by the chairperson but no less than 2 years.