Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Experiment Safety Review Board (ESRB)

Charter for the APS Experiment Safety Review Board - 1/17/2018

The APS Experiment Safety Review Board (ESRB) advises the PSC Management on the safe implementation of experiments performed by APS users on the experiment hall floor.

The ESRB reviews each experiment that is submitted to the APS via the APS Experiment Safety Assessment System (ESAF). These experiments are conducted in beamline endstations in the APS Experiment Hall.


The ESRB members are appointed by the PSC Deputy Associate Laboratory Director. The current members of the ESRB are:

Nena Moonier PSC - Chair
Edmund Chang HSE-ASD
Michael Fries HSE-XSD
Cassandra Hayden HSE-AES
Paul Rossi HSE-PSC
Patricia Pedergnana PSC
Wendy VanWingeren PSC
Lisa Berkland PSC
Kamila Wiaderek XSD

After an experiment is submitted to the APS Experiment Safety Review system notification is forwarded to the APS and the appropriate beamline. The flow of the safety review is as described in the latest revision of the “APS Beamline Experiment Safety Reviews" section of the "APS User Safety Policies and Procedures”, APS_1258430.

The ESRB (either the whole ESRB or individual members) reviews each experiment to ensure that they appear to:

  • Adequately describe the experiment
  • Identify all significant risks to personnel and the environment
  • Define a hazard control strategy satisfying ANL requirements and capable of reducing risks to acceptable levels

If all requirements are met the ESRB will approve the experiment. It should be noted that approval by the host beamline is also required.

If a member of the ESRB is not available to approve an experiment and/or verify hazard controls are in place (when required) then the approval/verification will be done by the PSC Deputy Associate Laboratory Director or the PSC Director

Frequency of Meetings

The ESRB meets weekly during scheduled APS User runs to discuss experiments awaiting approval. More frequent meetings are on an as-needed basis.

Experiment Record keeping

All Experiment Safety Assessment Forms are kept in an ORACLE database at the APS. In addition, the ESRB chair will maintain a copy of the signed Experiment Authorization Forms for 1 year after completion of the experiment and will archive these records for an additional 4 years through the APS Document Control Center. The ESRB Chair will indefinitely retain all experiment safety review and authorization records for every experiment involving:

  1. Any accident (i.e., every lost-time accident, every recordable worker injury or illness, every reportable environmental incident, and every reportable, but non recordable injury or illness)
  2. Any ORPS reportable incident.
  3. Any experiment involving a “PAAA violation” (or a “potential PAAA violation” waiting determination.