The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

DEI Organizational Structure at Argonne



The Lab Director's Council serves as an advisory committee and provides recommendations to the laboratory director on diversity and inclusion initiatives and priorities.

The council is composed of employees from each of the programmatic and mission support directorates, a postdoctoral student, leaders of all laboratory employee resources groups, and the Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program initiator.

DEI councils
Organization Directorate(s) Contact Chair Co-Chair
AET/NTNS DEI Council AET, NTNS Laura Adochio Carolyn Tomchik
CELS DEI Council CELS Emily Zvolanek Scott Ehling
DivE-In FMPS, HRS,OTD Justin Breaux  
ESHQ DEI Council ESHQ Kevin Rader Megan Frascona
iLead-BIS BIS Karen Burgess Pete Friedman & Matt Olech
IS DEI Council IS Kim McAllister  
PSE DEI Working Group PSE   Elena Rozhkova Nancy Kariuki
PSC DEI Council PSC Fanny Rodolakis Becky Sikes
S&TPO DEI Council S&TPO S&TPO Teams Channel Liz Jordan Rudyard Sadleir
Employee Resource Groups
Organization Blog Contact Leadership  
Argonne African American AAA aaa-​erg@​anl.​gov Justin Breaux & Arista Thurman
Argonne Backs Listens and Educates for Disabilities ABLED                             abled@​anl.​gov Jim Bluemond, Harrel TownsendFrank Montagna & Carolyn Tomchik
Argonne Veterans Group Veterans Group veterans@​anl.​gov Diana Morgan & Ed Schmitt
Chinese Association at Argonne CAA   Hua Zhou & Anping Liu
Argonne Hispanic/Latino Club H​i​s​p​a​n​i​c​ La​t​i​n​o Club hlc@​anl.​gov Mike Kaminski & Jofrey Quintanar
Next Generation Society NGS ngs@​anl.​gov Elina Kasman & Alec Poczatek
Parenting and Caregiving ERG PACE pace_​erg@​anl.​gov Kyle Pfeiffer, Uta Ruett & Anne Marie March
Postdoctoral Society of Argonne P​o​s​tdoc Society psargonne@​anl.​gov Kevin BrownJoshua Christopher
Spectrum S​p​e​c​trum spectrum-​board@​anl.​gov Charles Andersen & Nathan Rogers
Women in Science and Technology WIST wisttalk@​anl.​gov Lauren Boldon