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COMPRES Workshop: Envisioning the Next Generation of In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Techniques in Large-Volume High Pressure Apparatus for Mineral and Rock Physics

Type Of Event
Sponsoring Division
Argonne National Lab
Start Date
09-28-2018 - 09-30-2018

This two and a half day COMPRES workshop will explore how cutting edge synchrotron techniques, including those that can characterize the 3D distribution of properties such as phase, density, grain orientation or stress states can be integrated into large volume apparatus experiments. The workshop will review the state of the art for both imaging and other synchrotron tools coupled with large volume high pressure capabilities and explore which techniques are most likely to yield new insights into transport properties in geologic materials and are most likely to be successfully adapted to high pressure environments.  Such technological advances will benefit researchers working on rock deformation at both high and moderate pressure (above ambient), as well as those working on the kinetics of a wide variety of earth processes from melting and phase transformations to solution and precipitation in the control of porosity.

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