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Free-electron Laser Activities at Shanghai / Theoretical Studies on X-ray Free-electron Laser Oscillator

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Dr. Haixiao Deng and Mr. Kai Li
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11:00 a.m.

Presentation #1
Title:           Free-electron laser activities at Shanghai
Presenter:    Dr. Haixiao Deng
                    Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, the Chinese Academy of Science
In this talk, I will review the free-electron laser (FEL) activities at Shanghai, China. Besides the theoretical researches and key component developments, I will mainly introduce five FEL machines those SINAP involved. The Shanghai deep ultra-violet FEL test facility (SDUV-FEL, 300nm), Dalian Coherent Light Source (DCLS, 50-150nm), SIOM-FEL (30nm) on the basis of plasma wakefield accelerator, Soft X-ray free-electron laser (SXFEL, 45-2nm) and Shanghai Coherent Light Facility (SCLF, 0.05nm).


Presentation #2
Title:           Theoretical studies on X-ray free-electron laser oscillator
Presenter:    Mr. Kai Li
                    Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, the Chinese Academy of Science and University of Chinese Academy of Science
With the ability of generating X-ray with average brightness three orders of magnitude higher than SASE, XFELO is expected to open opportunities in many frontier scientific fields. In this talk, we are going to present some new schemes for improving the energy extraction efficiency and output peak power of XFELO, i.e., cascaded XFELO, XFELO seeded FEL. The three-dimensional XFELO simulation codes, i.e., GENESIS, OPC and BRIGHT, which enable us to systematically design XFELO based on Shanghai

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