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Subject: RE: Problems configuring 4 IK320 cards
From: "Krempasky Juraj" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 19:15:19 +0200
 Hi Linda, 

I can provide you cards/group templates wih substitutions that work with
0x81/0x81 0x82/0x82 0x83/0x83 0x84/0x84 IK320 settings. However the
IK320 driver is adapted from the original Till Straumann's driver from
BESSY and not from the SynApps package. For calibration purpose the
driver includes device support to read interpolation signals associated
for each encoder which is needed for calibration purpose. Let me know if
you are interested for this option. The system runs with OMS motor





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Sent: Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010 11:59
Subject: Problems configuring 4 IK320 cards

We are having problems configuring 4 IK320 cards to read the 4 readheads
from each of 2 Heidenhain RON905 encoders.
We have an existing system which does this successfully but we are
having difficulty setting up the second one.
We seem to be going backwards and would appreciate help diagnosing the

We are using EPICS
We are using the IK320 driver from the vme module in synapps, release

We have not managed to get 4 IK320 cards into 2 groups of 2 to
successfully work together with EPICS.
Nor do we have them interrupt with updates to the encoder value during
The system does not seem to be behaving consistently as we make changes.

In the first configuration, we used the 4 cards in slots 4&5 and 7&8
with the dip switches set as they were supplied.
The crate also contains an OMS motion control card in slot 6.
The crate also contained a Hytec carrier card with 3 ipacs in slot 9.

IK320 settings :
0x81/0x81 0x82/0x82 0x83/0x83 0x84/0x84
We had the IK32card templates set up correctly, but the group templates
were set up incorrectly.

In this configuration it was possible to read the card encoder values on
all 4 cards, but the cards were not interrupting with updates as the
axes moved.  The cards were not set on boot.

To get the groups set up and to attempt to get the interrupts working,
we changed the card settings to match the other system we have which is
working (and rebuilt the database with the new settings).

0xC1/0xC1 0xC2/0xC2 0xA1/0x80 0xA2/0x81

This time the card and group templates we used were consistent.

Unfortunately this configuration caused clashes in interrupt vector with
the Hytec cards.
We therefore attempted to make changes to avoid this clash.

0xE1/0x80 0xE2/0x81 0xC1/0x82 0xC2/0x83

This caused error messages about uninitialized interrupt vector 255,
which wisdom on the internet suggests is caused by something writing to
the wrong address.

Therefore the Hytec card was removed from slot 9 to try to make progress
and all setup and records for it scrapped from the IOC build and
returned to the configuration for the sister system.

0xC1/0xC1 0xC2/0xC2 0xA1/0x80 0xA2/0x81

We got this:

drvIK320 starting irq logger...

drvIK320: doing POST on 0xc1/0xc1

drvIK320: doing POST on 0xc2/0xc2

drvIK320: doing POST on 0xa1/0x80

filename="../drvIK320.c" line number=1218


filename="../drvIK320.c" line number=270

IK320 board failure.

filename="../drvIK320.c" line number=270

IK320 board failure.

However, suspecting a faulty bit (the 2s bit) in one of the dipswitches
on the third board we tried this.
0xC1/0xC1 0xC2/0xC2 0xA3/0x83 0xA2/0x81

In this configuration POST was successful and boards 2-4 reported their
encoder values on boot.
However board 1 could not be read.
The console gave an error message about the card being busy, however
many times you tried to do the read.

We also tried
0xC1/0x81 0xC2/0x82 0xA3/0x83 0xA2/0x84

Finally, we went back to the original configuration and defined the
groups appropriately.
0x81/0x81 0x82/0x82 0x83/0x83 0x84/0x84

The POST was OK, but card 3 could not be read, still giving the busy
We decided to try to set up the groups how they should be.
0x81/0x81 0x82/0x82 0xA3/0x83 0xA4/0x84

Again POST was OK but card 3 could not be read.

We tried swapping cards 3 and 4 to see if card 3 is faulty in some way.
Card 3 still
cannot be read (was card 4).  Card 4 (was card 3) is the only one that
sets its value on boot. Cards 1 and 2 can have their encoders read.
This is evidence against the stuck 2s bit dipswitch theory.

Here is an example of the "busy message"

BL10I-MO-IOC-01 -> filename="../devIK320.c" line number=1002
ik320ReadAi() entering...

filename="../devIK320.c" line number=1037
ik320ReadAi() sending request (1st phase) failed...

filename="../devIK320.c" line number=1058
ik320ReadAi() exit (status 4090001).

IK320 card busy PV: BL10I-OP-PGM-01:MIR:ENC1:RAW ik320ReadAi()

We're struggling to know what to try next.

Thanks very much,

Linda Pratt
Software Systems Engineer
Controls Department
+44 (0)1235 778058
Diamond Light Source Ltd
Diamond House
Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
OX11 0DE

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RE: Problems configuring 4 IK320 cards Linda.Pratt
Problems configuring 4 IK320 cards Linda.Pratt

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