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Subject: areaDetector R1-6 released
From: "Mark Rivers" <>
To: <>, <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 18:26:43 -0500



I have released a new version (R1-6) of the areaDetector module.


The home page is here:


The documentation is here:


areaDetector is now also available via the APS XOR Subversion repository here:



This is a major new release with many additional features.  This is from the release notes.




- NDPluginROI. Major rewrite. Previously the ROI plugin supported multiple ROIs, performed statistics calculations, and highlighted the ROIs. The new version is much simpler; it supports only a single ROI, and does not calculate statistics or do highlighting. Those functions have been moved to new plugins. One new function has been added, the ability to divide the array by a scale factor, which is useful for avoiding overflow when binning. Fixed problem when a single color is extracted from a color image; it now removes the unused dimension and changes the colorMode to mono.


- NDPluginColorConvert. Added conversions from mono to RGB1, RGB2, and RGB3, and from RGB1, RGB2, and RGB3 to mono. Previously this plugin only built on Linux and WIN32. Now it builds and does all conversions except Bayer on all architectures. Bayer conversion is restricted to Linux and WIN32.


- Added new NDPluginStats plugin. This plugin calculates statistics on an array. It replaces the statistics calculations that were previously performed in the ROI plugin. It adds new statistics, including the centroid position and width. It also computes X and Y profiles, including average profiles, profiles at the centroid position, and profiles at a user-defined cursor position.


- Added new NDPluginProcess plugin. This plugin does arithmetic processing on arrays:

    Background subtraction.

    Flat field normalization.

    Offset and scale.

    Low and high clipping.

    Recursive filtering in the time domain.

    Conversion to a different output data type.


- Added new NDPluginOverlay plugin. This plugin adds graphic overlays to an image. It replaces the "Highligh ROIs" function that was previously provided in the ROI plugin. But it is much more general, and can be used to display not only ROIs, but multiple cursors, user-defined boxes, etc.





- Fixed a bug in the Roper driver. There was a buffer overflow problem in the function that converts C strings to Windows BSTR strings. This would cause the IOC to crash when saving SPE files with Comment PVs longer than 40 characters.


- Many fixes and enhancements to Windows Firewire driver.


- pvCam driver. Fixed problem with exposure time being rounded to integer. Add PVs to provide version information for software and firmware where possible. Add PVs to provide serial numbers where possible. Perform checks on parameters that are not available for all cameras.


- ADSC driver. Fixed a bug where it would not correctly load the per-image parameters for the first image in a dataset if they were changed after the acquisition was started but before the first image was taken. Added ability to write simulated data to disk in the simulation driver.


- Pilatus driver. Increased the timeout for the SetThreshold command to camserver from 3 seconds to 90 seconds, because it takes almost this long to execute on the Pilatus 6M.


- marCCD driver. Added support for baseline stabilization, which is done with the "set stability" and "get stability" remote commands. Baseline stabilization is an extra-cost option for marCCD, so this command only has any affect if that option is present. But all versions of marCCD understand the command remote command syntax, so there is no problem if the option is not installed.





- Fixed a bug in the ImageJ that required restarting the plugin if it was told to start displaying before any frames had been acquired by the IOC.


- Fixed bugs in the ImageJ that caused an exception when trying to deference a null window pointer. Some of these bugs only became apparent when running the latest version of ImageJ (1.43U) which will not work with previous releases of




- Converted to be compatible with asynPortDriver in asyn R4-13, which changes parameter handling.


- Changes to support 64-bit architectures, including linux-x86_64. This also required changes to the  synApps modules on which areaDetector applications depend (autosave, busy, etc.)


- Added status parameter to indicate if the specified file path (NDFilePath) exists. Added a record to NDFile.template and a status indicator to all medm file saving screens.


- Append a trailing '/' character to file path (NDFilePath) if one is not present.





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