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Subject: EPICS QT 2.3
From: Zenon Szalata <zms@slac.stanford.edu>
To: Andrew Rhyder <Andrew.Rhyder@synchrotron.org.au>, "qti-talk@aps.anl.gov" <qti-talk@aps.anl.gov>, "Dunning, Michael" <mdunning@slac.stanford.edu>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 15:39:51 -0700
Hi Andrew,
I am testing the latest version of EPICS QT package.
Again, my applications do not build with the new version.
This time the calling sequence for
changed; three new arguments were added. Why not make these new arguments optional? If they were optional, then my applications would not be affected. My first reaction is why bother with these passwords? I must say, I don't understand the need nor the usage for the three user modes.

The new version also broke my custom plugins. Actually only one my custom plugins, toggle button, is important to me. It can no longer be build. I get a compilation error:

In file included from ../widgets/togglebutton.cpp:4:
../../epicsqt-2.3/framework/widgets/include/QEToolTip.h: In member function 'void ToggleButton::setVariableAsToolTip(bool)': ../../epicsqt-2.3/framework/widgets/include/QEToolTip.h:46: error: 'bool QEToolTip::variableAsToolTip' is private
../widgets/togglebutton.h:57: error: within this context
../../epicsqt-2.3/framework/widgets/include/QEToolTip.h: In member function 'bool ToggleButton::getVariableAsToolTip()': ../../epicsqt-2.3/framework/widgets/include/QEToolTip.h:46: error: 'bool QEToolTip::variableAsToolTip' is private
../widgets/togglebutton.h:58: error: within this context

I suppose it should be easy to fix, but presently the solution escapes me.

I tried to use the epicsQT push button and set it up as a toggle and something is escaping me because I can't get it to work. When I click on it, a dialog pops up telling me that it failed to write a string "0", or something like that. Obviously I am not setting it up correctly. The reason in the first place that I created my version of the toggle button was that I need the button to show different label for the on and off state, usually different than the strings from the bo record it controls. So, if you could enhance your push button by making the following modifications, then I would like to use it.
1. add two properties: on state label and off state label,
2. allow controlling a specified bit in a longout record. EDM push button is implemented to do that.

Sorry for complaining, but the way you and your colleagues are making changes from version to version, renders my programs unworkable and some time and effort is needed to recover. In fact the transition from version 1.8 (?) to 2.0 was particularly painful. So I got my programs to work with 2.0 and now, although this time it is not as bad, I have to go and modify my programs again.


RE: EPICS QT 2.3 Emmanuel Mayssat

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