EPICS: GPIB Support - Release Notes

MAY 2003

Release 1-1

Many many changes. Please read the reference manual.

Release 0-3


Gpib does not itself support bitbus. The bitBus support was included with the version of drvGib.c supplied with pre 3.14 releases of base is now provided with the bitBus support. DevCommonGpib, however, supports BBGPIB_IO links which can be used with the bitBus Gpib support.


Support is now automatically provided for BBGPIB_IO links.  It performs the following mapping from a bitbus link,node to a gpib link:

gpiblink = (bblink + 1)<<8 + node
Thus BBGPIB_IO links are mapped to gpib links that are >= 256.


A shell command which allows commands to be created and sent to a gpib device. Just type "GI" and it will prompt for what to do.


Several minor fixes. Also the variable timeoutSquelch was renamed to niTimeoutSquelch and made global. This timeout messages can be suppressed by executing the command:

A README file was added to gpibCore/drvNi1014. Please read it if you are using the NI1014.