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EPICS is a set of Open Source software tools, libraries and applications developed collaboratively and used worldwide to create distributed soft real-time control systems for scientific instruments such as a particle accelerators, telescopes and other large scientific experiments.

Beginners: If you're just starting out with EPICS, take a look at the series of training lecture videos recorded at Argonne in 2014 and 2015.


  • Home: EPICS Home at APS
  • News: Recent news
  • About: What is EPICS anyway?
  • Base: The core EPICS software for both IOCs and Host tools
    • Launchpad: The epics-base project at Launchpad
    • R3.16: Current releases
      • R3.16.1: Latest release (3.16.1 on 2017-06-02)
      • Jenkins: Build & test status for 3.16 branch
    • R3.15: Stable releases
      • R3.15.5: Latest stable release (3.15.5 on 2016-12-13)
      • R3.15.4: Recent stable release (3.15.4 on 2016-05-27)
      • R3.15.3: Older stable release (3.15.3 on 2015-11-24)
      • Jenkins: Build & test status for 3.15 branch
    • R3.14: Maintenance releases
      • R3.14.12: Maintenance releases ( on 2016-12-09)
      • Jenkins: Build & test status for 3.14 branch
      • Old drvs: Device/drivers from R3.13, converted to R3.14
    • R3.13: Frozen, used in very few places
    • R3.12: Historic versions
    • R3.11: Fossilized, no VCS history
    • vxWorks 6.x: Information about using vxWorks 6.x with EPICS
      • Tornado: Information about using vxWorks 5.x with EPICS
      • T2.2 Linux: Using Tornado 2.2 with a Linux host
      • PowerPC: Some differences between vxWorks on 68K and PowerPC
      • T20xConfig: Instructions on configuring vxWorks 5.x for use with EPICS
    • RTEMS: Information about running EPICS using RTEMS
      • Tutorial: Getting started with EPICS on RTEMS
    • MS Windows: Building EPICS on Microsoft Windows
    • Download: EPICS Base Downloads
    • Statistics: Development statistics from
  • Modules: Optional support code for IOCs - drivers etc.
    • Soft Support: IOC software that isn't real-world I/O
      • Add New: Add your entry to the Soft Support database
    • H/W by Bus,: Supported hardware list, sorted by Bus
    • Manufacturer: Supported hardware list, sorted by Module Manufacturer
    • Contact,: Supported hardware list, sorted by Maintainer's name
    • or Link: Supported hardware list, sorted by Support Link name
      • Add New: Add your entry to the Hardware Support database
    • Common Modules: Frequently used support modules
    • APS Modules: Support modules from the APS
    • Downloads: IOC Support Module Downloads
  • Extensions: Tools to monitor and control IOCs
  • Distributions: Code collections from base, modules, extensions & elsewhere
    • synApps: Beamline support code packaged by BCDA
    • Debian: NSLS-II Controls Package Repository (BNL)
    • ITER: ITER CODAC Core System (ITER)
    • Creighton: Scientific Linux VMWare image with EPICS (Creighton)
    • MacOSX: CA Client Installer for Mac OS X Leopard (ORNL)
    • Maven2: Maven2 repository of Java libraries (SourceForge)
    • Windows: Tools built for Microsoft Windows systems
    • TIS-4000: Commercial SCADA software based on early version of EPICS
    • Downloads: Distrbution Downloads
  • Download: Software downloads
  • EPICS V4: EPICS Version 4 Project
  • IRMIS: Using RDBs to model installed EPICS IOCs
    • Primer: IRMIS Primer document (PDF)
    • 2005 Mtg: March 2005 Collaboration Meeting
  • Talk: Information about our mailing lists
    • Tech-Talk: The main mailing list, our online support channel
      • Mailman: Subscribing to the list
      • Search: Search the tech-talk archives
      • 2017: Browse tech-talk messages from 2017
    • Core-talk: Discussions between Base developers
      • Mailman: Subscribing to the list
      • Search: Search the core-talk archives
      • 2017: Browse core-talk messages from 2017
    • QTi-talk: Discussions about the QT Initiative
      • Mailman: Subscribing to the list
      • Search: Search the qti-talk archives
      • 2017: Browse QTi-talk messages from 2017
    • Hw-talk: Hardware collaboration mailing list
      • Mailman: Subscribing to the list
      • Search: Search the hw-talk archives
      • 2017: Browse Hw-talk messages from 2017
  • Bugs: The Launchpad bug tracker for epics-base
  • Documents: Text not related to a specific release or package
    • Wiki: The EPICS Wiki, for community documentation
    • CA: Channel Access
    • Training: Training materials
      • APS 2015: APS EPICS Training series, 2015 talks
      • APS 2014: APS EPICS Training series, 2014 talks
      • USPAS 2014: Materials from the 2014 USPAS course in Albuquerque, NM
      • USPAS 2010: Materials from the 2010 USPAS course in Boston, MA
    • General: General descriptions and overviews
    • Logo: Graphics and use of the EPICS logo
    • Hardware: Hardware support (old documents)
  • Links: Related web-sites
    • EPICS Users: The main EPICS sites and companies
    • Projects: A (fairly old) list of projects that were built with EPICS
  • Licensing: EPICS Software Licensing
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