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Gateway: The Process Variable Gateway

The Gateway is both a Channel Access server and Channel Access client that provides a means for many clients to access a process variable while making only one connection to the server that owns the process variable. It also provides additional access security beyond that on the server. It thus protects critical servers while providing possibly restricted access to needed process variables. The Gateway typically runs on a machine with multiple network cards, and the clients and the server may be on different subnets.

Previous versions of the Gateway worked with EPICS 3.13 but required a special version of base to build and work correctly. The required changes were never incorporated into EPICS base. The latest of these versions is Gateway 1.3 and is described in the document by Ralph Lange below. The new version,starting as Gateway 2.0, only works with EPICS 3.14.3 or later and does not otherwise require a special EPICS base. It also has additional features compared to Gateway 1.3. Note that even if you are using EPICS 3.13 for your other applications, you can still use Gateway 2.x built with EPICS 3.14 as a Gateway.

The following documents are available. Textual links are to HTML or PDF documents, other formats are indicated by an icon link.

Software Download

The following tar files contains source code only (no binaries), and was compressed using gnuzip.

Required Software

The gateway uses either Perl compatible regular expressions (PCRE) or GNU-style regular expressions.

To use the header files and libraries from the GNU regex library, it is necessary that it be downloaded and built first.

To use the Perl compatible regular expressions (PCRE) header files and libraries, it is necessary that PCRE be downloaded and installed first.

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