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EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4

Chapter 1 Introduction

In order to provide an operator interface (OPI) for EPICS control systems, the Automation and Controls group (AOT-8) has developed two main applications: the display editor (EDD) and the display manager (DM). These applications fulfill one of the main goals of EPICS: to provide an easy graphical interface for the process variables of an EPICS control system. (Some parts of EDD and DM have also been developed by Tate Integrated Systems, one of AOT-8's industrial partners.)

You can think of the display editor and the display manager as the same application. However, you must keep in mind an important distinction between the two: DM is the actual, real-time interface, the interface that an operator uses to monitor and control an EPICS system, while EDD is used to design and configure the displays that DM uses. This manual describes the procedures and operations of EDD, version 2.4, while discussing the run-time behavior of DM 2.4. In addition, you will find a more complete description of DM in Chapter 9, DM: Run-time Operation.

This manual provides the reader with a good, general background for using EDD and DM. At the same time it describes the many specifics of the operations involved in creating and using OPI displays. Hence, the manual will be of use to beginners as well as experienced users. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this manual mainly describes the "mechanics" of creating displays with the display editor, though there are "suggestions" for creating helpful displays throughout the manual. There are many factors that one must consider in order to create displays that are easy to use, helpful, and cohesive.

1. - An Overview of the Display Editor
2. - An Overview of the Display Manager

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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