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EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4

Chapter 4 Creating and Manipulating Objects

So far this manual has covered all the possibilities and options of the display operations area--the defaults in the Display Attributes window, templates, color rules, etc. The remaining chapters of this manual cover the display's drawing area of EDD. In addition, the final chapter will cover DM.

The drawing area is where you actually draw and configure objects to monitor and control process variables at run-time. It is surrounded and enclosed by the display operations area. The drawing area contains all the visual information that the operator sees at run-time. Actually, the drawing area becomes the run-time display as there is no display operations area in DM.

In EDD, the main difference between the display operations area and the drawing area is the way the operations in each affect the drawing area: the operations in the display operations area affect the entire display file, the drawing area as a whole, and all the objects within it; the operations in the drawing area only affect specific objects or specific groups of objects.

This chapter covers the drawing area operations. Drawing area operations involve all four objects subclasses: graphics objects, monitors, controllers, and plots. These operations create objects and manipulate them within the drawing area. Examples of such operations are undo, cut, paste, select, and create.

In addition, this chapter covers properties that are common to all objects. Every object has its own set of properties. These properties are found in the Graphic Object Modify window. Every object has such a window. This window and the options in it are the object's property sheet. A property sheet is similar to the Display Attributes Modify window in the display operations area, where you set the attributes that affect the display as a whole. A property sheet is particular to its object. However, certain properties are common to all types of objects. We will discuss these common properties in this chapter, in addition to the drawing area operations.

1. - The Drawing Area Menus
2. - Creating an Object
3. - Undoing an Operation
4. - Selecting an Object
5. - Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Objects
6. - Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
7. - Aligning Objects
8. - Distributing Objects
9. - Moving Objects into the Foreground and Background
10. - Property Sheets
11. - Moving and Resizing Objects
12. - Modifying Channel Names

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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