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EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4

Chapter 2 Basic Operations

This chapter will cover two basic subjects about the display editor: how to start it from the command line and the basic commands or options in the display menu. While covering these subjects you will learn about EDD's basic operations:

How to set up and run EDD.

The start-up command for EDD and its possible arguments.

What the display menu is.

How to perform the basic file operations on display list or .dl files (save, load, etc.).

What an ASCII display list or .adl file is and its purpose.

What the Display Attributes window is, what display attributes are, and how to modify them.

What the color table or color map is and how to modify it.

Basically, this chapter covers operations and procedures that effect a display and the display file as a whole.

1. - Starting EDD
2. - The Display Operations Area
3. - The Modify Display Options

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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