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APS EPICS Training, 2014

The later lectures in this series from 2015 are here.

2014 Lectures

The EPICS classes shown below took place in 2014 as part of an EPICS Training series for local users and developers at the APS. The links below point to the lecture slides, and where available also to a YouTube and/or MP4 video recording of the presentation. The YouTube videos are also available as a YouTube Playlist. Viewers from locations outside the North American continent will probably find the YouTube links work better then downloading large MP4 files directly from the APS web-server.

Date Lecture Slides Video Links
2014-09-18 Introduction to EPICS Training
Nicholas Schwarz, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
2014-09-18 Introduction to EPICS
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
Channel Access Clients
2014-09-18 Channel Access and Client Tools
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
2014-09-19 MEDM Tutorial
James Stevens, AES-CTL
YouTube MP4
2014-10-09 caQtDM Tutorial
James Stevens, AES-CTL
YouTube MP4
CA Client Programming
2014-10-16 Channel Access Concepts
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
2014-10-16 CA Programming in Perl and C
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
Perl & C Exercises
2014-10-24 CA Programming in Python
Matt Newville, UChicago
YouTube MP4
PyEpics Exercise Answers
IOC Applications
2014-11-06 IOC Database Priciples
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
2014-11-13 IOC Database Practice
Tim Mooney, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
2014-11-13 Creating IOC Databases
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
VDCT and Database Exercise
2014-11-21 Creating IOC Applications
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
2014-11-21 State Notation Language Programming
Andrew Johnson, AES-SSG
YouTube MP4
IOC and SNL Exercises

Video production, sound and editing by Nicholas Schwarz, AES-SSG.

The lectures in this series that occur in 2015 will be published here.

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