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Subject: Introduction to EPICS Core-talk Archive
From: Andrew Johnson <anj@aps.anl.gov>
To: EPICS Core-talk Archive <core-talk@aps.anl.gov>
Cc: Marty Kraimer <mrk@aps.anl.gov>, Bob Dalesio <ldalesio@lanl.gov>, Ralph.Lange@mail.bessy.de, Eric Norum <eric.norum@usask.ca>, Janet Anderson <jba@aps.anl.gov>, Jeff Hill - LANL <johill@lanl.gov>, Timo Kirhonen <timo.kirhonen@psi.ch>, Kay-Uwe Kasemir <Kasemir@lanl.gov>, Stephanie Allison <saa@slac.stanford.edu>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 13:38:15 -0500
Core-talk is a new searchable email archive, intended primarily for use by the EPICS core developers but accessible to all EPICS users.

We have all kinds of email discussions about internal issues during development, and these are usually addressed to a limited set of people who are likely to be interested in the discussion. It is sometimes necessary to bring someone else into a conversation that has been going on for some time, and we need to bring that person up to speed on what has been said so far. It may be that a few weeks or months later we may wish to refer back to an email conversation that happened, but we never saved the messages.

If you're like me you save some of these core discussion messages, but not necessarily all of them, just in case you wanted to get back to them, but by now your email folders are bulging with a large number of messages which you're not sure you're ever going to read again. They may contain interesting and/or important archaeological information though, so you're reluctant to discard them.

Core-talk is my answer to this. The email address core-talk@aps.anl.gov is set up as an email archive engine which is accessible through the EPICS website. EPICS core developers are encouraged to cc: this address for all messages associated with EPICS internals and other limited-readership topics which might be of interest to other developers in the future. If you do that, you should never need to forward copies of several messages to someone who got missed out of the cc: list in the earlier parts of a discussion, you can just refer them to the core-talk archives. If a message is already going to tech-talk though, there's obviously little point in also sending it to core-talk.

Core-talk is not a mailing list so you can't subscribe to it, it just does archiving (I could turn it into one, but I don't think that would be as useful). We will still be able to limit the immediate readership of our technical discussions to those people we want feedback from, but we'll end up with a more open process because we're not excluding others from the discussions completely.

I'm in two minds whether to seed core-talk from the pile of old messages that I have saved. It wouldn't be hard to do that from one person's private archive, but I don't have the tools to exclude the duplicates that would result from combining a series of developers' histories. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I hope you will make use of this facility. Note that I am likely to add some messages to the archive myself if I receive a copy and I feel they would be appropriate to appear there, but it's easier if the original author adds the cc: core-talk@aps.anl.gov instead.

- Andrew Johnson
"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

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