EPICS base R3.14.3: Known Problems

Missing Upgrade Documentation

Some of the files in the release's documentation directory are missing information on changing the st.cmd file for the renamed registerRecordDeviceDriver() routine. Updated documents are available on the EPICS website under the R3.14.3 release page. The documents affected are:

dbLoadTemplate substitution files

Template filenames named inside substitution files used by the IOC command "dbLoadTemplate" have to be be quoted - they are not currently recognized by the parser in the original unquoted form. If you get error messages like this

Error: no db file name given

from a dbLoadTemplate command, you can either add double quotes around the template filenames listed in your substitutions files, or apply this patch in your base/src/dbtools directory and rebuild base and the application.

CA disconnect callback used before channel connected

If a CA circuit times out during the connect sequence then CA calls the applications's disconnect callback function indicating a disconnect state transition when the channel is already known to be disconnected. This has caused the sequencer to improperly maintain its connected channel count. Other CA client side tools may be impacted.

Slow connection of vxWorks-based CA clients

Recent versions of vxWorks appear to experience a connect failure if the vxWorks IP kernel reassigns the same ephemeral TCP port number as was assigned during a previous lifetime. The IP kernel on the vxWorks system hosting the CA server might have a stale entry for this ephemeral port that has not yet timed out which prevents the client from connecting with the ephemeral port assigned by the IP kernel. Eventually, after EPICS_CA_CONN_TMO seconds, the TCP connect sequence is aborted and the client library closes the socket, opens a new socket, receives a new ephemeral port assignment, and successfully connects. This problem only seems to occur when both the client and server are vxWorks systems.

Crash if duplicate name found

If the CA client library is searching for a PV name that is hosted on more than one server, a segmentation violation occurs when printing a diagnostic message, resulting in a failure of the CA client library. This bug was introduced in R3.14.3, but has so far only been seen on Linux. A patch for this problem is available here which should be applied in the base/src/libCom directory.