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Chapter 9: Tools Manual Pages

1. Introduction

EPICS shellscripts are found in the base/tools subdirectory of the EPICS distribution. Of these scripts, only gmake, getrel and makesdr should be invoked directly.

2. gmake

This script executes gnumake with the flags:

--no-print-directory --no-keep-going .

3. getrel

  getrel EPICS_PATH [arch list]
This script sets up EPICS application directories by creating soft links to EPICS and vxWorks releases.


  getrel ../../r3.11.4 mv167 hkv2f

4. makesdr

makesdr creates a custom database template (default.dctsdr) for an application directory. This command is optional because a default template will be used if this command is not invoked.

5. MakeRelease

  MakeRelease [-b]
MakeRelease creates a Tar image of an EPICS release. The -b option means binaries in the bin/* and lib/* directories are included in the release. However, the default.dctsdr and default.sdrSum files are still included if -b is not used.

6. MakeDirs

Creates temporary object directories under an EPICS release for a particular architecture.

7. GetVar

Gets make variable information from within a shell script.

Common use:

This will retrieve the host architecture variable's value from CONFIG_SITE. Use this instead of /bin/arch for determining the host architecture from within shellscripts, as it is more portable.

8. CheckArch

  CheckArch ARCH
Determines if configuration files exist for this architecture.

9. FindEpics

Determines where EPICS is located from within shell script. Many shell scripts invoke this shellscript first.

10. Clean

  Clean [ARCH]
Removes temporary objects from the O.ARCH directories under src. If Clean is called without any arguments all O.ARCH directories are removed.

11. makeStatTbl/blderrSymTbl

Used for creating and building the error symbol table.

12. SetOpVersion

Used to select specific executable versions of EPICS extension programs that will be used on future command invocations.