File:  [TIS-4000 Rel T60] / scripts / .Cshrc.tis4000
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Mon Nov 29 15:10:44 1999 UTC (18 years ago) by tis4000
Branches: MAIN, HIA
CVS tags: baseline, LMC_baseline, HEAD, Duluth_baseline
Setup initial baseline

# .Cshrc.tis4000
#	tis4000 training symbols quick get-arounds
alias   graph         	'cd ~/graphics'
alias	prog		'cd ~/snl/programs'
alias	tasks		'cd ~/tasks'
alias	snl		'cd ~/snl'
alias	apple		'cd ~/apple'
alias   mgr             'cd ~/sysmgr'
alias	compilers	'cd ~/tasks/compilers'
alias	headers		'cd ~/tasks/headers'
alias 	dir          	ls -la
alias	df		df -k
alias	up		'cd /tis4000/t51_upgrade'
# CSL Support
setenv	CSL_SCRIPT_PATH	/tis4000/csl/scripts
setenv	CSL_BIN_PATH	/tis4000/csl/bin
setenv	PSPRINTER ogdhplj

alias	csl	/tis4000/tasks/CSLCompiler
alias	csld	/tis4000/tasks/CSLDump
alias	cslm	/tis4000/tasks/CSLManagerscn
# Set prompt to echo hostname and current directory
set p=%
set myhost=`hostname`
#alias SetPrompt 'set prompt="${myhost}\\\!${user} [$cwd]$p "'
alias SetPrompt 'set prompt="${myhost}:$cwd$p "'
alias cd 'cd \!* && SetPrompt'

# bring Set Prompt to life with following cd
#	end of set prompt definition

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