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                        EPICS Extensions Build Instructions

                                  EPICS base 3.14        
Extensions Directory Structure

  EPICS software is divided into <top> areas. Examples of <top> areas are EPICS 
  base itself, EPICS extensions, and simple or complicated EPICS IOC applications. 

  The EPICS extensions <top> area has the following directory structure:

                    <subdirectories and source files>
                    <subdirectories and source files>
  where the <top> directory is usually named "extensions", configure is a 
  directory containing build configuration files and a Makefile, os is a 
  directory containing os specific build configuration files, and where each 
  extension<n> is a directory tree structure containing source files and 
  makefiles for an EPICS extension. The directories include, bin, lib, html, 
  and other directories are created by the build.

EPICS extensions setup

  Download the extensionsTop.tar.gz file:

    Unzip and untar the extensionTop.tar.gz distribution file.  Use WinZip 
    on Windows systems.

    This will create the extensions directory structure including 
    all configure and configure/os build configuration files, this README
    and Makefiles in extensions/ and extensions/src/.

  Download desired extensions:

    Many extensions are available from WWW pages at various EPICS sites.

  Unzip and untar extensions:

    Unzip and untar the extension distribution files to the extensions/src 
    directory. Use WinZip on Windows systems.

Extension build software requirements:

        To build EPICS base and extensions you will need following items 
        installed.  Some items can be obtained via links from the APS EPICS 
        software distribution web page - 

        You may not have to build extensions at your site. Built extensions for 
        Win32 are available via the EPICS software distribution web page.

          ANSI C compiler or GNU gcc compiler.

          EPICS base distribution, R3.14.8 or later, available

          GNU make, V3.81 or later.

          Perl, version 5.8.1 or later
Known conditional software requirements:

        X11 is needed by the following extensions
          alh, burt, medm, probe, stripTool

        Motif is needed by the following extensions
          alh, burt, medm, probe, StripTool

        Xrtgraph is needed by the following extensions

        Tk-tcl is needed by the following extensions

        Java is needed by the following extensions
          jca, caj, vdct

Extensions build prerequisites


           You must properly set the environemnt variable EPICS_HOST_ARCH. The
          epics/startup/EpicsHostArch script file is provided with EPICS base
          to set EPICS_HOST_ARCH.
        EPICS base

            EPICS base must be configured and built prior to building any

        RELEASE file

          The EPICS_BASE definition in extensions/configure/RELEASE file must
          point to the <top> of your built EPICS base.

        configure/CONFIG_SITE file
        configure/os/CONFIG_SITE* files

          Your extensions/configure directory must be present and the 
          CONFIG_SITE* files properly configured prior to building an extension.

Extensions build commands 

        Build a single extension (e.g. extension xyz):

          NOTE: The extensions on which this extension depends must be built

          cd epics/extensions/src/xyz
            gmake            - To build and install the extension.
            gmake install    - To build and install the extension.
            gmake clean      - To clean temporary object files.  Clean will
                               remove ALL O.<arch> subdirectoriess.
            gmake archclean  - Removes O.<arch> dirs but not O.Common dir
            gmake rebuild    - To clean, build and install the extension.

        "Partial" build commands:

            gmake clean.<epics_host_arch>   - Removes O.<epics_host_arch> and 
                                              O.Common directories.
            gmake install.<epics_host_arch> - Builds and installs <epics_host_arch>
                                              arch only.
        Building a specific object file

          While developing code in a specific source file e.g. abc.c, cd to
          the source dir's  O.<epics_host_arch> directory, and invoke 
          "gmake <target_filename>" e.g.
                  vi alh.c
                  cd O.solaris-sparc
                  gmake alh.o
          The above example instructs make to build only alh.o.

        Build all extensions present in your epics tree:

          cd epics/extensions

          gmake                - To build and install all extensions.
          gmake clean          - To clean temporary object files.  Clean will
                                 remove ALL O.<host_arch> subdirectories.
          gmake rebuild        - To clean, build, and install all extensions.

        Uninstalling all extensions

          gmake uninstall      - Remove install directories created by this hostarch.
          gmake realuninstall  - Removes ALL install dirs
          gmake distclean      - Same as realclean cvsclean realuninstall.

        Listing all gmake target commands

          gmake help           - Prints this list of valid make targets 

          To build all extensions present in an extensions tree using one 
          gmake command the DIRS list definition in extensions/src/Makefile 
          needs to contain all your extension directory names.  Make sure 
          that the dependancy extensions names for an extension preceed that 
          extension name.

Extensions build notes 

        Install locations 

          Executables are installed into $(INSTALL_LOCATION)/bin/<arch>
          and libraries into $(INSTALL_LOCATION)/lib/<arch>. INSTALL_LOCATION
          defaults to <top> but may be changed in the configure/CONFIG_SITE

        Header file dependancies

          During a normal build (a "gmake" or "gmake install"), a file
          containing header file dependancies is automatically generated in
          the O.<host_arch> directory for each c/c++ source file. These files
          have the source file name with a ".depends" suffix.
        Object files

          Compiler output object files are stored in the created O.<host_arch>
          directories. This allows objects for multiple host architectures to 
          be maintained in the same tree structure at the same time.

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