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[TXT] RELEASE_NOTES.html 1.22 13 years norume Add os-independent epicsStrtod() routine.
[TXT] README.1st 1.20 8 years anj Removed hpux references.
[TXT] README.html 1.17 8 years anj Removed hpux references.
[TXT] KnownProblems.html 1.10 14 years jba branches: 1.10.2; Updated for R3.14.2
[TXT] README.darwin.html 1.5 13 years norume Minor cleanup.
[TXT] README.MS_Windows 1.4 12 years jhill updated for R3.14.8
[TXT] ReleaseChecklist.html 1.4 9 years anj Sync to R3.14 branch rev
[TXT] README.tru64unix 1.2 11 years jba Changes for osf-alpha from Kazuro Furukawa.
[TXT] Converting_3-14_Applications.txt 1.1 10 years anj Add this, initially it's just an aide-memoire, but it should eventually be conve...
[TXT] README.niCpu030 1.1 15 years anj Moved from $(TOP)

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