Industry Pack Bridge

1. Introduction

The Industry Pack Bridge appears as a 16-bit master component in an Altera Avalon Bus SOPC system. Only 8 MHz operation is supported.

2. Industry Pack Bus Transactions

2.1 ID Prom

The 16-bit ID Prom is initialized with the contents of the IDProm.mif memory initialization file. A script is available to compute the CRC value to be loaded into this file.

2.2 I/O (Register) Space

Industry Pack I/O space accesses are mapped to Avalon addresses 000000 through 00007F.

2.3 Memory Space

Industry Pack memory space accesses are mapped to Avalon addresses 800000 through FFFFFF.

2.4 Interrupts

All Avalon interrupts are funneled through the module IntReq0* line. The interrupt vector is the 8 bit sum of the value on the VectorBase input lines and the Avalon interrupt number.

2.5 DMA

Industry Pack DMA operation is not supported.

3. ID PROM Modification

To make changes to the ID PROM perform these steps

  1. Copy the PROM initialization file IDProm.mif to your application source directory

    cp ...../IDProm.mif MyProm.mif

  2. Make your changes
  3. To compute the CRC