optics Release Notes

Release 2-4

Added table of fixed points (points about which an optical table rotates) to table database, request file, and medm displays

The save_restore include file, table_settings.req, now requires the additional macro argument 'Q'. This is the same macro argument required by table.db.

cvs log

Release 2-3

This is the first release of the synApps optics module. Version numbering for this module begins with 2.3 because this module was split from version 2.2 of the std module, and I wanted to retain the CVS histories of module contents.

This version is intended to build with EPICS base 3.14.5, mpf 2.4.2, and std 2.3. Differences from software as previously released in std 2.2:
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Tim Mooney : (mooney@aps.anl.gov)
Last modified: January 6, 2005