Motor Module: Known problems with Release 6-8

  1. Soft-travel Limits

  2. Newport ESP100/300/301

    The R6.8 ESP support changes made to "Use MRES rather than controller resolution to do EGUtoRAWbacktoEGU conversion." do not work. (Model 1 drivers do not always have access to motor record data.) The most obvious problem with R6.8 ESP support is the inability to "set" the controller's position.

    This patch file rolls back the R6.8 ESP changes and adds one bug fix to the EPS100/300/301 driver; when a controller error occurs, the driver prints the error code to the console and sets the RA_PROBLEM bit of the MSTA field. The motor record patch unconditionally sends a "stop motor" command whenever a driver sets the RA_PROBLEM bit. Finally, the patch file updates ESP info in the README file.

    R6-8-1 includes both the MRES related rollback and the STOP on RA_PROBLEM bug fix.