Motor Record: Known problems with Release 6-4

  1. R6-4 had 64-bit compile problems with the PI E816 and Aerotech Ensemble device drivers. Fixed with R6-4-1 and above.
  2. Dirk Zimoch (PSI) discovered and fixed a bug in the orginial OMS MAXv driver (R5-4) that caused the home switch status in the response string to be overwritten. Fixed with R6-4-2 and above.

  3. A problem was introduced in R6-4 of the old motor record device drive architecture. If during the move of one or more motors the motor task did not issue an OS delay during status updates, it could potentially not respond to any further motor commands. Fixed with R6-4-2 and above.
  4. There is a bug in these motor record versions (R6-4, R6-4-1, R6-4-2) that affects motors that have encoders and are configured to do closed-loop control via retries (i.e. UEIP=Yes and RTRY != 0). Retries are not done correctly and occasionally motors exceed their maximum retries and are left at their backlash position; i.e., command position - backlash distance. See the Release Notice for further error conditions. Fixed with R6-4-3 and above.
  5. The asynMotor device support in general, and the simulated motor, in particular, had save/restore related problems. Fixed with R6-4-4 and above.
  6. Previous releases of the Aerotech Ensemble device driver had incorrect Jog speeds, lacked support for a negative PosScaleFactor parameter and did not detect maximum travel limit switch faults correctly. Fixed with R6-4-4 and above.