Motor Record: Known problems with Release 6-2

  1. Link errors occurred when building "XPSGatheringMain" for the solaris-sparc-gnu target. Newport users should upgrade to R6-2-1.
  2. Errors occurred in various motorApp's when building for the solaris-sparc (SUNWspro) target. SUNWspro users should upgrade to R6-2-1.
  3. Mark River's found and fixed a bug in the motor record. RDBD was being used in motor record initialization before the RDBD validation check. This resulted in motor positions not being initialized from save/restore at boot-up if RDBD was not included in a save/restore save set. This is fixed in R6-2-2.
  4. A bug was introduced into the shell command motorUtilInit affecting these versions of the motor distribution; R6-2, R6-2-1 and R6-2-2. This bug resulted in the erroneous error message; "motorUtilInit: Prefix %c: has more than 53 characters. Exiting". Replace <motor>/motorApp/MotorSrc/ with the following copy:
  5. The "alldone" PV in motorUtil.db defaulted to the "moving" state between "iocInit " and "motorUtilInit", giving the false indication that motors were moving during boot-up. The "alldone" PV now defaults to the "done" state. Replace <motor>/motorApp/Db/motorUtil.db with the following copy:  motorUtil.db