Motor Record: Known problems with Release 6-1

  1. The Newport PM500 driver was not issuing the correct command when it queried for the number of axes at boot up. This resulted in a "PM500 system error" message on the 1st axis; fixed in R6-2.
  2. A bug was introduced with R6-0; the OMS device support was overwriting PID parameter fields during its' normalization calculation; fixed in R6-2.
  3. There was a bug in the logic that determines the precedence between using the controller's or save/restore's motor position at boot-up. Negative controller positions were not handled correctly; fixed in R6-2
  4. The home request (HOMF/HOMR) were not cleared when a soft-limit violation occurred; fixed in R6-2.
  5. Due to releasing R6-1 during Newport development, R6-1 can result in linker errors on the symbol "xpsgathering". Newport users should upgrade to R6-2.