Motor Record: Known problems with Release 5-9

  1. An undocumented change was made in R5-4 to two OMS setup functions. Namely, the unused 2nd argument ("axes per card") was eliminated from omsSetup() and oms58Setup().
  2. Since R4-5 the motor record has required that RDBD be >= MRES. The test for this condition was done using floating point values. This caused an occasional error that resulted in the record not always issuing a motor move command when RDBD = MRES and the user issued an incremental move request equal to MRES. This is fixed with R5-9-1 and R6-0.
  3. A warning message was added with R5-6 when a user attempted to move an OMS motor with an invalid velocity (slew <= base). Applications that manipulate the velocity values are unaware of this restriction and create a torrent of these messages. With release R5-9-1 and R6-0 the OMS device driver will only output this warning message once.
  4. Added a work around for OMS PC68/78 firmware error. PC68/78 controllers make an erroneous response after they are queried with the "?KP" command at boot-up. This resulted in 1st axis having same position (RP command) as last the axis. This is fixed with R5-9-1 and R6-0.
  5. GPIB under ASYN allows only one input EOS character; no output EOS is allowed. Adjustments were made to the Newport ESP300 driver to accomodate this restriction with R5-9-1 and R6-0.
  6. The CVS repository has become out of synch with the R5-9-1 tar file (motorR5-9-1.tar.gz). Hence, no further changes will be made (i.e., bug fixes) to the R5-9 branch.