Motor Record: Known problems with Release 4-4

  1. The "Driver Power Monitoring" feature (available only for OMS VME58 controllers)  was erroneously and randomly being enabled.  Choose one of the following methods to applying the bug fix:
  2.  Code around "safeDoubleToFloat conversion bug" in EPICS R3.13.5.  A bug was introduced into R3.13.5 with the "dbConvert and dbFastLinkConv" fix (see EPICS base Release Notes for R3.13.5) that resulted in the inability to set PV fields defined as DBF_FLOAT's to zero.  One of the scenarios where this has caused a problem is when a user tries to disable software travel limits by setting DHLM = DLLM = 0.  Choose the following methods to applying the bug fix:
  3. The perl script distibuted with R4-4 and R4-4-1 does not support spaces between the macro and the "=" sign in the config/RELEASE file.
  4. The following scenario would put the motor record into an invalid state.  A new target position (i.e., VAL/DVAL/RVAL) is written to the motor record under the following conditions,
    Install motor record version 4-4-2 or above to fix this problem.