Release 1.1.1

Published individual dbd files.

Release 1.1.0

Modified drvAsynDG645.cpp, drvDG645.db, and DG645 screens.

Removed race condition when there were multiple DG645 devices, simplified the code a bit, and had driver use DrvInfo field. Added new "Advanced Triggering" fields: mode enable/disable, prescale phases and trigger holdoff. Added a label for the device. Redid the screens, and removed the reference to the asyn record on the main screen. As the delay PV names were changed to make it simpler to open the individual delay screens, the rest of the PV names were changed to be consistent (where the first letter is now capitalized).

Moved all Gigabuadics support files (digitalDelay.*) into file called "digitalDelay.tar.gz", in the "src" directory.

This code was based on a custom hardware implementation of a solution for using a specific Gigabaudics delay generator. It is highly unlikely that anyone has used this code, and if it was used, it can be moved back into position by untarring the file in the root of the module.

Modified OPI files:

Remove relative paths

Release 1.0.7

Modified drvAsynDG645.cpp, srsDG645.adl, and drvDG645.db

Applied Eric Norum's patch to add some additional prescale PVs

Release 1.0.6

Added opi
Added BNC_505.opi
Added BNC_505_Pn.opi
Added CoherentSDG.opi
Added colbyConfig.opi
Added colbyHelp.opi
Added colbyMain.opi
Added delaygen.opi
Added devDG535.opi
Added devDG535Outputs.opi
Added digDelay.opi
Added digDelayOutWord.opi
Added srsDG645.opi
Added srsDG645Iface.opi
Added srsDG645Outputs.opi

CSS-BOY displays

Modified drvAsynDG645.cpp

Installed David Kline's DG645 support code, for multiple devices

Modified drvAsynCoherentSDG.cpp
Modified drvAsynColby.cpp
Modified nigpibInterpose.c

Move epicsExport.h for win32 compatibility.

Modified drvDG645.db

fix DG645 calc expressions from using A?B to A?B:0

Modified RELEASE

Do not expand $(SUPPORT) ; include files to define SUPPORT and EPICS_BASE

Deleted RELEASE.win32-x86
Deleted RELEASE.win32-x86-debug

Not needed

Modified drvAsynDG645.cpp

Move epicsExport.h for win32 compatibility. Remove unistd.h which is not needed and is not win32 compatible. Add extern C for epicsExportRegistrar.