busy Release Notes

Release 1-6-1

Build failed on Windows because comment character not at beginning of line.

Release 1-6

Fixed a bug when the using asynchronous device support, for example devBusyAsyn with an asyn port driver with ASYN_CANBLOCK. The problem occurred when 0 was written to the record, followed immediately by writing 1. If the record was still processing with the 0 value when the 1 was written, device support would not process a second time with the 1 value. It should have processed a second time with the 1 value (via the EPICS .RPRO field), but this was not happening.

Release 1-5

configure/CONFIG no longer defines STATIC_BUILD=YES on any platform.

Added caQtDM display

Release 1-4

Added autosave-request file busyRecord_settings.req.

RELEASE* changes

Added .opi display file for CSS-BOY

Release 1-3

Added busyRecord.db database, xxBusyRecord.adl medm-display file.

busyRecord.c rewritten to minimize differences from 3.14.11 bo record.

Release 1-2

Ben Franksen's "Raw Soft Channel" device support allows the busy record to write a user configurable integer value (the value of the MASK field) via its OUT link, when the record's VAL field has the value 1. Currently, MASK can only be specified at DCT time. For example, you can configure MASK to a bit-pattern and have the BUSY record write this value to a selRecord's SELN field.

Release 1-1

The busy record was reimplemented to permit device support to reset the VAL field to zero.

This version is intended to build with EPICS base 3.14.10.

Release 1-0

This is the first release of the synApps busy module.

This version is intended to build with EPICS base 3.14.10.
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Last modified: Dec 12, 2008