autosave Release Notes

Release 4-0

Note version numbering got messed up because the 3.13 and 3.14 versions are on separate development tracks. The 3.14 module took its number from the 'std' module, (from which it was extracted), while the 3.13 version (which was never a module) took its number from the save_restore.c file version. To avoid more confusion, the module version number has been bumped up past the most recent (and, I hope, final) 3.13 version, which was 3.5.

Differences from version 2-3:

Release 2-3

This is the first release of the synApps autosave module. Version numbering for this module begins with 2.3 because this module was split from version 2.2 of the std module, and I wanted to retain the CVS histories of module contents.

This version is intended to build with EPICS base 3.14.5. Differences from software as previously released in std 2.2:
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Last modified: March 5, 2004