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Beamline Controls Mailing List

The beamline controls mailing list is called beamline_controls, and is used for technical discussions, questions and announcements on matters relating to beamline software. See below for subscription instructions.

For a more general EPICS related matters see the tech-talk mailing list.

List Archives

Archives of mailing list traffic are available.

Old Archives (1994-2004) of mailing list traffic are also available.

Subscribing to beamline_controls

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to beamline_controls from this web page

To send a message to a list

Please do NOT send HTML messages, they waste bandwidth and many people use software that can't read them properly. HTML may be used in an attachment for documents under active discussion, although it might be as good to give the URL of the document on a web-site so only those subscribers who want to read it need to receive it. Address messages to, for example:

Please use a relevant subject line
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