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Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition Group Home Page

Welcome to the Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition (BCDA) group Web pages. The purpose of this group is to develop software and electronic hardware for synchrotron radiation beamlines that serves the common needs of APS researchers, and to implement that software for the APS Beamlines.

The BCDA Group is part of the APS Engineering Support Division (AES). Most groups in the AES division provide, some area of, control system development and support to the APS beamlines. This memo (Responsibilities for support of beam line controls, data acquisition and data analysis) describes those activities and assigns areas of responsibility.

These pages will be evolving as we have time to add content and as we receive feedback. If you have any suggestions please email Pete Jemian

EPICS "Getting Started" lecture series

Here are details of the Getting started with EPICS lecture series

MEDM Replacement: status and next steps

A document and slide set have been created describing our current plans to replace MEDM.

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