EPICS: GPIB Support for the Message Passing Faclity

Module Owner: Marty Kraimer

This page is the home of mpfGpib. It provides gpib support for MPF that is compatible with the gpibCommon support. It supports the SBS Tech IP-488 (Formerly Green Springs) module which uses the TI9914 chip.

Please email any comments and bug reports to _Marty Kraimer_ who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

Where to Find it

You can download the software by anonymous ftp  from the links in the table below:
Module Version EPICS Release Filename Documentation Release Notes
R1-5 3.13.6 mpfGpib1-5.tar.gz mpfGpib.html releaseNotes.html
R1-4 3.13.5 mpfGpib1-4.tar.gz mpfGpib.html releaseNotes.html
R1-3 3.13.2 mpfGpib1-3.tar.gz mpfGpib.html releaseNotes.html
R1-2 3.13.2 mpfGpib1-2.tar.gz mpfGpib.html releaseNotes.html
R1-1 3.13.1  mpfGpib1-1.tar.gz  mpfGpib.html  releaseNotes.html

Required Modules

mpfGpib Version  Requires module Release needed
R1-1, R1-2, R1-3

Installation and Building

After obtaining a copy of the distribution, it must be installed and built for use at your site. These steps only need to be performed once for the site (unless versions of the module running under different releases of EPICS and/or the other required modules are needed).
  1. Create an installation directory for the module, usually this will end with
  2. .../support/mpfGpib/
  3. Place the distribution file in this directory. Then issue the commands (Unix style)
  4. gunzip <file>.tar.gz
    tar xvf <file>.tar
  5. This creates a <top> application.
  6. .../support/mpfGpib/X-Y
    where X-Y is the release. For example.
  7. Edit the config/RELEASE file and set the paths to your installation of EPICS base and to your version of mpf.
  8. Run gnumake in the top level directory and check for any compilation errors.
  9. Please email  Marty Kraimer  so he can keep track of which sites are using this software.


The following documentation is available:

In Use

This software was originally developed by Tom Coleman  (ANL) as a replacement for HIDEOS gpib support.
Marty Kraimer