NOTE: This is no longer supported. The gpib support that is part of asynDriver is the successor.


This is Benjamin Franksen's Generic GPIB support converted to work with base release 3.14.0alpha2.

Eric Norum started with Benjamin Franksen's Generic GPIB driver and converted it to work with EPICS R3.14.0alpha2. Marty Kraimer extracted the NI1014 support from the old gpib support and modified it to work
with the generic GPIB driver.

Neither Eric or Marty want responsibility for the GPIB support. We are providing this release so that Benjamin and other interested users can see how it is supported on 3.14.

The LAN GPIB  (HPE2050A) support has been tested on vxWorks, Linux, Solaris, and RTEMS.

Known problems:

1) When it is started on solaris the following message appears:

hpGenLink(151020): VXI: unknown error (create_intr_chan)

Everyting seems to work OK BUT LAMs were not tested.

2) On linux LAMs are not supported because the RPC library is not thread safe.

The NI1014 is supported only on vxWorks.




For Benjamin's Documentation.

Configuring Lan Gpib

int drvHpGpibConfig(short link,char *hostName,int recoverWithIFC,int defTimeout,char *vxiName)
This is described in Benjamin's documentation except:

Configuring NI1014

drvNi1014GpibConfig(short link,int nPorts, int base, int vector, int level)

Where to Find it

You can download the software by anonymous ftp  from the links in the table below:
Module Version EPICS Release Filename Release Notes
R0-4 3.14.0beta1 gpibCore0-4.tar.gz
R0-3 3.14.0alpha2 gpibCore0-3.tar.gz releaseNotes
R0-2 3.14.0alpha2 gpibCore0-2.tar.gz


The first example is for the gpib lan. The example is very simple support for an HP3458. Even is you do not have this device the example shows you how to build and execute support using the gpib lan.


The second example is for the NI1014. The example is support for the DG535. Again even is you do not have this device the example shows you how to build and execute support using the NI1014.


Marty Kraimer