APS Beamline Commissioning Activity Approval Form

Sequence No : 30-ID-07-8
Sector : 30 Beamline : ID
Start Date : 1-30-07 Duration : 3 months
Date and Time of Submission : 01-24-07 10:36

Commissioning Envelope :
The maximum operating current is 100 ma
The minimum ID gap is 11 mm
Modes : White Beam in A Only

Activity Description:
Sector 30 is receiving outside users for the first time. So we will fill out proper EAA forms for each experiment according to our schedule. However, this form covers those activities between users when we commission new analyzers, and test the beamline.

Commissioning Team Members

First and Last Name AffiliationPhone Number
1. Ercan Alp XSD 4775
2. Yuri Shvydko XSD 2901
3. Ayman Said XSD 7534
4. Bogdan Leu XSD
5. Ahmet Alatas XSD
6. Thomas Toellner XSD 0166

Special Safety Concerns:
There is one experiment by Jason Lashley (GUP 7381), scheduled for Feb 21-27, 2007, that involves a Ce sample, with a small amount of Th impurity, which may become radioactive upon oxidation. Therefore, there will be a separate safety review and approval request for that week.

Submitted by Commissioning Activity Team Leader:
Name : Ercan Alp Date : 01-24-07
E-Mail : alp@anl.gov

ADD for Operations Comment :
Approved by ADD for Ops./Designee : John Quintana on 01-30-07