APS Beamline Commissioning Activity Approval Form

Sequence No : 23-ID-05-8
Sector : 23 Beamline : ID
Start Date : 2/11/2005 Duration : 3 months
Date and Time of Submission : 02-11-05 12:11

Commissioning Envelope :
The maximum operating current is 100 ma
The minimum ID gap is 11.0 mm
Modes : Stations A,C white and B,D in Mono

Activity Description:
Commissioning Activities for Sector 23 Upstream and Downstream ID Bealines: 1) Deliver monochromatic beam to 23-ID-B for sheilding validation. 2) Commission IDout (upstream ID) optical components in 23-ID-A such as white beam slits, monochromator, beam stop, monochromatic beam shutter, monochromatic slits and focusing mirrors. 3) Install and commissioning end station eqiupment in 23-ID-B. 4) Continue commissioning IDin (downstream ID) optical and end station equipment in 23-ID-C and 23-ID-D. The scope includes activities such as monochromator energy scans, beam profile scans, mirror reflectivity scans, and characterization of end station hardware. Characterization of the end station will include diffraction experiments from lysozyme crystals. We plan to have a few user groups in during this period. These users will complete ESAFs for their experiments.

Commissioning Team Members

First and Last Name AffiliationPhone Number
1. Robert Fischetti GMCA 2-0660
2. Derek Yoder GMCA 2-0674
3. Nukri Sanishvili GMCA 2-0665
4. Ward Smith GMCA 2-0663
5. Rich Benn GMCA 2-0666

Special Safety Concerns:
No safety issues are anticipated. An ESAF we be completed when we begin the next phase of commissioning using protein crystals.

Submitted by Commissioning Activity Team Leader:
Name : Robert Fischetti Date : 02-11-05
E-Mail : rfischetti@anl.gov

ADD for Operations Comment :
Both In and Out IDs can be operated uptoi 11.0 mm.
Approved by ADD for Ops./Designee : Ramanathan on 02-11-05