APS Beamline Commissioning Activity Approval Form

Sequence No : 16-ID-08-12
Sector : 16 Beamline : ID
Start Date : 1/24/08 Duration : 4 hrs
Date and Time of Submission : 01-22-08 15:17

Commissioning Envelope :
The maximum operating current is 100 ma
The minimum ID gap is 11 mm mm
Modes : White beam

Activity Description:
Shielding verification of station E

Commissioning Team Members

First and Last Name AffiliationPhone Number
1. Steve Butala ANL 2-4675
2. John Vacca ANL 2-6180
3. Mohan Ramanathan APS 2-3773
4. Cindy Chaffee APS 2-0300

Special Safety Concerns:
Ozone mitigation.

Submitted by Commissioning Activity Team Leader:
Name : John Vacca Date : 01-22-08
E-Mail : jvacca@aps.anl.gov

ADD for Operations Comment :
Mask removal requires a large enough backstop to be installed at commissionint to capture extremal rays. BCRRT chair to confirm backstop placement prior to commissioning activity.
Approved by ADD for Ops./Designee : John Quintana on 01-23-08