APS Beamline Commissioning Activity Approval Form

Sequence No : 06-BM-02-1
Sector : 06 Beamline : BM
Start Date : 10/21/2002 Duration : 2 days
Date and Time of Submission : 10-18-02 17:32

Commissioning Envelope :
The maximum operating current is 30 ma
Modes : white beam in 6 BM A and B stations

Activity Description:
Initial Shielding Verification of station A and B at 10mA and 30mA with two Al target per stations.

Commissioning Team Members

First and Last Name AffiliationPhone Number
1. Rod Salazar APS/EFO 2-9495
2. P.K. Job APS 2-6573
3. John Vacca APS 2-6180
4. Bill McHArgue Mu CAT 2-0252
5. Doug Robinson Mu CAT 2-0247

Special Safety Concerns:
Ozone mitigation: install blower, flight tubes and O2 monitor.

Submitted by Commissioning Activity Team Leader:
Name : Rod Salazar Date : 10-18-02
E-Mail : salazar

ADD for Operations Comment :
FC, check all the critical and conf. control components. Ozone monitoring and mitigation necessary.
Approved by ADD for Ops./Designee : Job on 10-20-02