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X-Ray Microscopy and Imaging: Nanodiffraction

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X-Ray Microscopy and Imaging: Microdiffraction

X-ray microdiffraction setup at 2-BM consists of KB microfocussing mirrors (~3 micron minimum spot), four-circle Huber diffractometer, high-precision translation sample stage, two orthogonally-mounted video cameras for viewing sample, fluorescence detector (Si-drift diode) and diffraction detector (a scintillation detector or a CCD). The setup is designed for large incident aperture (~0.5 mm vertically and 1 mm horizontally) with a working distance of ~50 cm. All the motions and detectors are controlled through SPEC. One of the leading applications of the microdiffraction instruments at 2-BM is structural analysis of combinatorial thin-films.

Schematic view of x-ray microdiffraction setup at 2-BM

Recent Publications

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