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X-Ray Microscopy and Imaging: X-ray Topography

X-ray topography is an x-ray diffraction technique to image the crystalline defects. The experimental setup at 2-BM consists of collimated monochromatic beam (Si (111) double-crystal monochromator) or pink beam (reflected from Cr or Pt x-ray mirror), four-circle diffractometer equipped with high-precision sample translation stages, and optically-coupled high-resolution CCD system. The optically-coupled CCD system (1k x 1k, 13 micron pixel size) allows different magnification by changing the objective lens. A motorized linear track mounted on the two theta arm is used for each adjustment of the sample to detector position.

Schematic view of x-ray topography setup at 2-BM and “phase-enhanced” topography image of chicken egg white Lysozime crystal (PRL 87 , 148101,


SPEC-based CCD data acquisition software allows fully automated data collection with great flexibility and image processing software provides on-line analysis. Several different sample holders allow easy sample mounting for different size of samples in either reflection or transmission diffraction geometry.



Recent Publications

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